Buy xylazine hydrochloride online

Buy xylazine hydrochloride online


Xylazine – a potent antagonist of alpha-2-adrenoreceptors, belongs to the sedative, analgesic drugs that relax muscles. It has pharmacological properties similar to morphine, but does not cause CNS excitation in cats, horses and cattle. Due to the inhibition of the passage of impulses through the sensory pathways of the CNS, xylazine has a calming or muscle relaxant effect, depending on the dose.

It is recommended before entering the injection or inhalation anesthesia.
50 ml bottle.


  1. Description
    Colorless, transparent.

Pharmacological properties
Xylazine potent antagonist of alpha 2-adrenergic receptors, belonging to the sedative, analgesic drugs, relaxation of ides. Has pharmacological properties similar to morphine, but does not cause CNS arousal in cats, horses, and cattle. Through repetition suppression in CNS sensory pathways, xylazine dose-dependent manner causes or calming effect.

After internal muscle administration is rapid absorption, bioavailability in horses is 40-48% in dogs 52-90%.
After intravenous horses medication takes effect after 1-2 minutes, the maximum effect occurs within 3-10 minutes. The duration of action is dose-dependent and can be 1.5 hours. The half-life of blood serum after a single dose is about 50 minutes recovery time 2-3 hours.
After internal muscle or subcutaneous administration to dogs and cats drug takes effect within 10-15 minutes after intravenous 3-5 minutes. Analgesic effect lasts only 15-30 minutes, while sedation 1-2 hours (depending on dose). The half-life of blood serum in dogs is an average of 30 minutes. Full restoration of dogs and cats after the other injections occurs in 2-4 hours.
Xylazine is not detected in the milk of dairy cows after 5 and 21 hours after administration of the drug is excreted primarily unchanged in the urine and feces.


Applied cattle, horses, dogs, cats to reduce the pain response during surgery, diagnostic tests and calm aggressive animals. It is recommended before entering other inject or inhalation anesthesia.

Do not assign respiratory diseases, diabetes (insulin reduces xylazine) females in the last third of pregnancy, dogs and cats in the stomach and twisting suspected obstruction of the esophagus. Do not use together with other tranquilizers.

Dosage and Administration
A subcutaneous drug used internally muscle or intravenously in the following doses:
cattle of 10 kg body weight (internally muscle):
0,025 ml slight sedation, a slight relaxation of muscles, mild analgesia;
0.05 ml Average sedation, relaxation of muscles and analgesia, enough for small transactions;
0.1 ml a strong manifestation of the effects used in complex surgery in conjunction with local or regional anesthesia.
When intravenous dose reduced by 50%.
Riding 10 kg 0.4 ml (IV), 1 ml (internally muscle).
dogs 1 kg 0.15 ml (internally muscle).
Cats 1 kg 0.15 ml (subcutaneous, intra muscle).

The drug has a weak analgesic effect, so anesthesia to use other analgesics.
The animals, which are under the influence of a sedative drug should watch until they come to normal.
In dogs and cats may vomit because they need a prior starvation diet for 12 hours. If the cat is not starving to anesthesia, so Sedatsylu and ketamine injections made at intervals of 20 minutes.
Cattle are very sensitive to xylazine, so it is important to accurately determine the dose. Introduction atropine reduces the likelihood of bradycardia and hypersalivation.
After the last use of the drug to the slaughter of animals meat is permitted after 4 days, people eat milk can after 5 days. M meat and milk are received before the deadline, or utilize unproductive animals fed depending on the opinion of a veterinarian.

Glass bottles of dark color 20 ml.

Storage conditions
In a dry, dark, place inaccessible to children at a temperature from +15 to +25 C.
After opening the bottle drug store in the refrigerator and use it within 28 days.

Expiration date
3 years.


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