Buy Mac 1 online

Buy Mac 1 online


Mac 1 is a hybrid marijuana strain that crosses Alien Cookies F2 with Miracle 15. Mac 1 is a popular strain that consumers turn to for upbeat and balancing effects. But Mac 1 is special because not just anyone can grow it. In fact, growers of Mac 1 (Capulator’s Cut) have been carefully selected by the breeder in order to protect the quality of this versitile flower. Mac 1 is an instagram worthy strain, with eye-poppingly gorgeous buds that are nearly white and drenched in milky trichomes. Mac 1 comes through with a smooth, creamy, and funky terpene profile you can enjoy day and night.

  •  22% THC

Slightly more THC than the average strain



Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

MAC 1, also known as “Miracle Alien Cookies X1.” Is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created as a backcross of the iconic MAC strain. This celebrity child takes the beloved effects of MAC and amps it up a notch to a whole new level, with a super lifted feeling that will have you flying higher and higher the more that you toke. The high starts in the head with a rushing euphoria that fills your mind with an expansive happiness, gently easing away negative or racing thoughts and replacing them with creative motivation and pure happiness. A relaxing body high accompanies this cerebral lift, keeping you tethered to the world below as your mind soars higher and higher into outer space. In combination with its super high 20-23% average THC level, these heavy effects make MAC 1 perfect for treating those suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, mood swings, chronic fatigue, depression and chronic stress. This bud has a classic sour diesel flavor with a spicy herbal overtone that’s accented by sweet citrus. The aroma is very similar, although with a heavy pungent overtone that lingers long after your final toke. MAC 1 buds have rounded fluffy dark olive green nugs with rich purple undertones, thin orange hairs and a coating of tiny white crystal trichomes.

Additional information

Number Of Grams

1g, 1/8 ounce (3,5g), ¼ ounce (7g), ½ ounce (14g), 1 ounce (28g), 2 ounces (56g), 1 pound (448g), 1kilogram (1000g)


  1. ronnysel_roc

    Miracle ? cookies x1 is another name for it and man that is one of my best high ever and I had smoked shit over seas that would knock you to your knees. I just purchased a small amount and wish i gotten more.

  2. wallyz8

    Man, I don’t usually write reviews (re AT ALL) but as a 10-year stoner, I just have to say that this shit is the strongest strain I’ve ever smoked. Can’t imagine what it would do to a beginner LOL Tastes like doughy cake and berries with a slight gas undertone. Immediately hits behind the eyes and fuels motivation. 10/10 strain. Grab it if you can. Or don’t so I can have more LOL

  3. karemm

    toking this strain as i type, and as I read the description which I could not have put better myself! very accurate

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