Buy Xylazine powder online

Buy Xylazine powder online


Buy Xylazine powder online

buy Xylazine powder online/ Xylazine hydrochloride is an alpha agonist with sedative, analgesic and muscle relaxant properties. Presentation : White Powder. Solubility : Soluble in water.

Product Basic Info

  • Product Name: Xylazine
  • Other Name: wh7286;bay1470;XYLAZINE;Mobay Rompun;Xylazine(RoMpun);AKOS BBS-00000613;XYLAZINE HCL/BASE;Xylazine (200 mg);xylazine free base;Xylazine Base & HCL
  • Categories:   Anesthetics
  • Xylazine Appearance: White powder
  • Solubility : Soluble in water (50 mg/mL).
  • Key Applications : To produce rapid and reversible anesthesia in experimental animals
  • Product Type : Biochemicals
Formula: C₁₂H₁₆N₂S
Melting Pt: 161…171 °C
Storage Temperature: Ambient
MDL Number: MFCD00058196
CAS Number: 23076-35-9
UN: 2811


Buy xylazine powder online

buy xylazine powder onlinebuy xylazine powder online Synonyms: 2-[(2,6-Dimethylphenyl)amino]-5,6-dihydro-4H-1,3-thiazine Hydrochloride , N-(2,6-Dimethylphenyl)-5,6-dihydro-4H-1,3-thiazin-2-amine Hydrochloride

Xylazine hydrochloride is an alpha agonist with sedative, analgesic and muscle relaxant properties.

What Is buy xylazine powder online or “Tranq”?

Xylazine is a sedative used in animals that can double as a muscle relaxant and pain reliever. Although the drug is sometimes known as a horse tranquilizer, xylazine is used to treat a wide variety of animals, including cats, dogs, cattle, sheep, horses, deer, elk and even rats.

Identifying buy xylazine powder online

Xylazine is manufactured as a liquid and comes inside a vial. It is available in strengths of 20, 100, and 300 milligrams per milliliter. The drug also comes in bulk by the gram as a powder veterinary pharmacies use to compound drugs for animal use.

Xylazine can be hard to identify, especially when it is mixed with another substance: it is a common additive in illicit drugs like cocaine, heroin and fentanyl.

Many different street names exist for the drug. These include:

  • Tranq Dope
  • Tranq
  • Trashcan
  • Steph Curry
  • Collateral Damage
  • Cardi B
  • 550
  • Rampage
  • Black Mask
  • Anestesia de caballo

How is buy xylazine powder  online used illicitly?

Drugs such as cocaine, fentanyl, and heroin are often adulterated to increase bulk size or modify effects of other drugs. Xylazine is especially commonly used as an adulterant in a mixture of heroin and cocaine, colloquially known as a “speedball.” Xylazine has been used for multiple illicit purposes: attempted sexual assault, accidental or intentional poisoning, drug abuse.

Xylazine is also abused independently from other drugs. Routes of administration include smoking, snorting, swallowing, inhaling, or injecting. Street names for xylazine include “tranq”, “tranq dope” or “sleep cut” in the United States, and “Anestecia de Caballo” in Puerto Rico.

What Does buy xylazine powder online Do To Humans?

Similar to its action in animals, xylazine acts as a central nervous system depressant and sedative in humans. Criminals have even used the drug to induce sleep in their victims. Little is known about the drug’s addiction risks at this time, and it is not currently classified as a controlled substance.

Some people who abuse stimulants like cocaine use xylazine (with or without heroin) as a component in a speedball. This means that they mix a depressant like xylazine or heroin with cocaine to increase a drug high and reduce the crash symptoms. However, many people aren’t even aware they are taking the drug as it is commonly added to other illicit drugs like heroin.

In animals, xylazine tends to work within a few minutes and lasts up to four hours. Little data is available about how long the drug lasts in humans.

Common Side Effects

It can be hard to know if a person is using xylazine because the side effects are similar to those of other central nervous system depressants. Common xylazine side effects in humans include:

  • Blurred vision
  • Confusion
  • Sleepiness
  • Problems walking
  • Low blood pressure
  • Small pupils
  • High blood sugar
  • Skin necrosis
  • Slow heartbeat
  • Slow breathing
  • Unconsciousness

It can take very little xylazine to experience harmful effects. Doctors have found these side effects in people who have a xylazine blood concentration between 30 and 4,600 nanograms (one billionth of a gram) per milliliter.

Withdrawal buy xylazine powder online Symptoms/Implications

Little data is available about withdrawal from xylazine. Unfortunately, fatal xylazine overdoses are common, so there have been few opportunities to study the withdrawal symptoms of someone who used xylazine long-term. Some experts theorize that the drug may have withdrawal symptoms similar to other sedatives like benzodiazepines.

Xylazine’s Overdose Risk

One of the big overdose risks of xylazine is that people may not even realize they are taking it. One study showed that 22% of street drug users who tested positive for xylazine had no idea they had taken it. This is likely because xylazine is commonly added to illicit drugs like cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl to increase or impact their effects.

buy xylazine powder online Overdose Symptoms

Doctors have limited information on the specific overdose symptoms of xylazine. However, they appear to be similar to the drug’s common side effects, although more intense. For this reason, even nonfatal xylazine overdoses typically need to be treated in a hospital setting. Xylazine overdose has been found to cause symptoms like:

  • Small pupils
  • Low body temperature
  • Dry mouth
  • Slow heartbeat
  • Unconsciousness
  • Slowed or stopped breathing (which is often fatal)

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