Buy Humira pen online


Buy Humira pen online

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Humira is made by joining together DNA molecules. It is what’s known as a biologic. Typically, patients must have an inadequate response to conventional medications to be considered for biologics.


More specifically Humira is a tumor necrosis factor-α blocker, or TNF blocker. The drug suppresses the immune system by blocking the activity of TNF.


TNF is a protein produced naturally by the body’s immune system. Some people with certain autoimmune diseases produce too much TNF





Buy Humira is indicated for the treatment of various autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. In adults, it’s used to treat Rheumatoid ArthritisPsoriatic ArthritisPlaque PsoriasisAnkylosing SpondylitisHidradenitis Suppurativa, and Behcet’s Disease. In adults and children, it’s used to treat Ulcerative ColitisCrohn’s DiseaseUveitis, and Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.

Box Size : 40 MG (2 pre-filled Pens), or 40 MG (2 pre-filled Syringes)

Active Ingredient : Adalimumab 40 MG/0.4 ML

Manufactured by AbbVie






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